A Team of Experts

Frontline Management, Inc specializes in providing precision electro-mechanical products to the Aviation, Commercial, Defense, Energy, Power, Environmental, Marine, Medical, Space and Utilities Markets. We have experience providing sophisticated designers and engineers the precise, reliable, mission critical instrumentation for over 35 years. Frontline Management, Inc. offers and provides professional consulting services to manufacturers and users of sensors, instruments and controls. These services include conducting marketing surveys, and the preparation of sales, marketing, and other business plans for manufacturers of sensors, instruments and controls.

Frontline Management Inc. also works with our clients and users in determining the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish their measurement, monitoring and/or control requirements. We do this through the determination of needs, identification and location of potential suppliers and in the selection of specific instruments which might best satisfy their applications. Through our Manufacturers' Representative subsidiary (Frontline Sensors & Systems) we are able to efficiently and cost efficiently source these instruments through exclusive and channel partners. We invite you to contact our team of experts for assistance.

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Frontline Customers

Frontline Management Inc. serves the following companies:

Engineering Companies
Field Test Laboratories
Government Agencies & Defense
(Prime & Sub Contractors)
Major Equipment Manufacturers
Medical Product Manufacturers
Medical Laboratories
Metrology & Standards Labs
Original Equipment Manufacturers
Refineries & Chemical Processors
System Integrators
Utilities & Municipalities

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Satellite Controls
Space Systems
Rocket Motors
Missile Controls
Booster Systems
Ground Vehicles
Test Strands
Automotive Testing
Diagnostic Equipment
Engine Controls
Guidance Controls
Fuel Controls
Flight Controls
Airframe Systems

Marine Systems
Naval Systems
Medical Equipment
Power Plant Systems
Environmental Monitoring
Power Cogeneration
Natural Gas Compression
Petroleum Management
Chemical Processing
Chemical Systems
Water/Wastewater Systems
Food/Beverage Processing

Our Premier Manufacturers

In addition to our Channel Partners of LM Instruments and Wilmington Instrument Company we offer products from: